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Anabolic agents based on natural ingredients these days fall into two categories. Those that increase the body’s ability to build muscle by providing compounds that keep you in an anabolic state for longer, and those that aim to metabolize to cause an increase in testosterone levels which will have a byproduct of creating more muscle. We said… why not both! Laxogenin, a natural plant based anabolic agent, allows the body greater muscle building ability through enhancing protein synthesis when in clinical dosage. The mixture of Maca, Tribulus, Cissus and Fenugreek will then trigger androgen receptors in the body to release more testosterone. When you sandwich that with the stress control response of Ashwagandha and your body is primed to spend its time upgrading its armor every hour of the day. Better libido, greater muscle building, stronger lifts and lower stress levels?! You might become a super soldier without even trying!

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