Battleground Nutrition Lipid Napalm


Like Goldilocks, we were looking for the perfect blend of hot and cold on our fat burner. We didn’t want it to be so strong you were sweating through your button up shirt at work five hours after taking it, but we also wanted the user to know when it was kicking in and give them an energy bump. Enter our clinical dosage of both stimulant based burners and fat ferrying agents! L-Carnitine will seek out fat stores and trigger the body to burn them more readily. Coupled with the blend of minor and major stimulants in potent green tea extracts and caffeine which increases alertness, brain function and core temperature and you have a recipe for getting shredded! The piece de resistance is the inclusion of the stress blocking compound Ashwagandha which ensures cognition will be 100% and that your body can still remain in a muscle building anabolic state! This is the gold standard of effectiveness when it comes to recomposition agents. Looking to incinerate your fat and win the recomposition war? This is the burner you want in your ranks!

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