Frontline Formulations Whey Isolate


Ever heard the phrase: “you cant have it all?”

Well Frontline wanted to test that with Iso Lean. Lets cut to what you really wanna know!

Is it clean? Easily one of the cleanest! Frontline uses Provon®292 SFL Isolate, which reduces the overall lactose levels more than normal isolates! So that means you only get .5g of fat, one gram of sugar and two carbs per serving! Frontline also added DygeZyme® to make sure digestibility is at its most optimal, so that means no bloat!

Does it taste good? ABSOLUTELY! Our Flavor Technicians (oh yeah, we have those) worked tirelessly to make sure the taste matched our high expectations. From PB Banana and Chocolate Blueberry to Crunch Berry Delight and Frosted Animal Cookie, you’re sure to find one (or more!) that you love!

Does it clump up when mixing? Do you think we would do that to you? Never! All of the above factors are the reasons why Iso Lean mixes like a dream! Whether it’s one or two scoops, expect to be blasted with flavor without drinking cement.

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